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Pelea de almohadas

About us


Our mission is to educate, provide emotional wellness, share resources, promote civic engagement, and empower our Latinx Community of the Central Coast.



Our vision is that the Latinx and / or most vulnerable communities from the Central Coast can have equitable access to the services necessary to achieve a healthy life promoting family well-being.

  1. Integrity

  2. Service

  3. Excellence 

  4. Solidarity

  5. Empathy


Collaboration and Video

Corazon Latino is fortunate to collaborate with Uplift, a coalition dedicated to crafting a comprehensive economic development and transition plan that focuses on generating top-notch employment opportunities, promoting fair access to resources and jobs, and placing a strong emphasis on building sustainable and resilient economies and industries.

First listening session

During their first Listening session with Uplift, Community Health Workers/Promotores engaged 65 individuals in discussions to enhance the central coast's economy. The valuable feedback gathered is crucial for shaping future collaborative efforts and promoting inclusive economic development strategies. Their dedication underscores their vital role in driving positive change and empowering local voices for a more equitable and thriving community.


Latino Empowerment Roundtable

The Latina Empowerment Roundtable of 2024, was a remarkable event that Corazon Latino had the privilege to be a part of. It aimed to inspire and support Latina women in our community. The atmosphere was vibrant with warmth, camaraderie, and a shared purpose. Through engaging discussions, storytelling, and celebrating achievements, we discovered our collective strength for positive change. The Roundtable highlighted the resilience and unity of Latina women, emphasizing the significance of supporting one another. It was a day filled with connection, growth, and empowerment, leaving us all with renewed motivation to continue serving with heart and passion.


Erica Ruvalcaba-Heredia, Corazon Latino Executive Director with Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg

Esperanza Romero, Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg, Erica Ruvalcaba-Heredia, Maria Pille, Andreina Delgado

Chelsea Ruiz, UndocuSupport; Demetreo Morales-Salazar, Public Health; Dawn Addis Assembly member; Erica Flores Baltodano, San Luis Obispo College of Law.

Camara de telefono

Erica Ruvalcaba-Heredia, Ed.D. 

805 7206091

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